PowerHouse Program

The staff of PowerHouse is offering a new program called POW! (Positive Outcomes for Women). To learn more: http://diabetesprevention.iupui.edu/research/index.shtml


PowerHouse is a place for you to make new friends. You'll join a team of people your age and hang out, have fun, make a difference, and celebrate good health. At the end, you'll have a group of friends who help you stay powerful.



PowerHouse is a place for you and your kids to meet new people and learn how to make health a real habit. You'll get support and tips to get you moving and cooking food that fuels your family.


>>To sign up, the child's parent and doctor must complete this form.<<


The PowerHouse Experience

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Week 1: Building Community

Get to know PowerHouse and each other.


Week 2: You Have Power

Discover what it takes to be and stay powerful and what's uniquely powerful about you.


Week 3: Movement as Power 1

Discover the power in physical movement and get started trying out new ways to move.


Week 4: Food as Power

Learn about which foods give you extra power and which foods drain your energy.


Week 5: Cooking - Go Meal

Practice cooking (and eating!) foods that give you power.


Week 6: Power of Advertising

See with your own eyes how food companies use words and images to make lots of money selling their products to you. And find the power to make choices that are best for you. 


Week 7: Response to Advertising / Planning as Power

Youth will come up with solutions for unhealthy food advertising. Parents will discover how planning ahead can make it easier to stay powerful.


Week 8: Cooking - Quick & Easy Dinners

Practice cooking (and eating!) multiple quick meals using similar ingredients.


Week 9: Movement as Power 2

Learn about the ways getting your body moving on a regular basis affects your whole body, even your brain. 


Week 10: Cooking - Meal Makeover

Break out of the pre-packaged box by cooking (and eating!) a healthy version of a popular convenience food.


Week 11: Drinks

Find out what's in popular drinks like soda and juice. (Be warned, it's not pretty).


Week 12: Snacks

Get your snack on (the PowerHouse way).


Week 13: Eating Out

Learn how to handle staying healthy while eating out (it's totally possible!). 


Week 14: Power Chef Planning

Next week, you'll compete with your team in the ultimate cooking challenge: Power Chef! This week, find your team, plan your recipe, make your shopping list, and taunt your opponents.


Week 15: Power Chef

Gather your team and grab your vegetable peeler, 'cause Power Chef is on! 


Week 16: Celebration

You've done such great work over the last 16 weeks and now it's time to celebrate! 


Managing Stress

Learn ways to keep your stress level in control.


Mindful Eating

Learn how to eat mindfully and really enjoy your food. Mm, food.


Whole Grains

Learn about whole grains and how to spot them in the store.


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